What makes Global Dental Healthcare Unique is that we, as oral surgeons with 70+ years of dental practice personally visit, vet and verify the quality of every aspect of the dental clinics and dentists in the two regions of Mexico that we now recommend. (the Cancun resort area & along the US/Mexico border)

This distinguishes us from all other Mexico dental tourism referral groups. We ensure that you receive the highest quality care at the lowest possible price.

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We know dentistry, we know equipment, we know procedure and protocols. The Mexican dentists we visit are very quick to recognize this and are anxious to show us every aspect of their clinics. This places our recommendations at the highest level in the dental tourism business.

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    Don't have the finances for expensive dental care in the US?
    Did you know that many people have saved
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    in excess of 60% of the cost of their dental
    care by going to our personally vetted Mexican clinics.
  • We believe everyone deserves access
    to high-quality dental care at an
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    affordable price
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    We have personally vetted, safe secure Mexican dental facilities that provide the highest quality services -
    It is estimated that 1.9 million Americans will travel
    outside the US for medical care in 2019.
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    including diabetes and heart conditions
    Oral Health is an essential aspect of Overall Health
    Diseases of the mouth have a high correlation
    with numerous debilitating diseases
  • US dentists vetting Mexican dentists
    With 70 years of combined experience, Dr. Geller and Dr. Weldon have assisted many individuals in achieving optimal dental health
    About Global Dental Healthcare

"One in 3 Americans between the ages of 50 and 64 say they’re embarrassed by the condition of their teeth, according to the latest University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging. A slightly larger group (38 percent) cite pain, difficulty eating, missed work or other health problems in the past two years due to dental problems."


What makes Global Dental Healthcare unique?

  • Dr Steven Geller and the GDH Advisory Board now composed of Dr. Len Weldon have a combined 70+ years experience in clinical dental and surgical practice.
  • The dental facilities we have personally visited and certify have met a 15 point check review.
  • Your relationship with us will be OPEN, HONEST and TRANSPARENT.