A Global Dental Community

A Global Dental Community

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A Global Dental Community


As we have discussed in various places on our website, it was not our original intention to send our clients abroad to Mexico for their dental care. It became apparent early on in our development that this was necessary due to the fact that so many people cannot afford the high prices of their local dentist.

As we have become more involved in our business of recommending and referring people to our select, personally vetted high quality clinics in Mexico we have encountered comments and resistance from many as to whether the dental care offered by Mexican dentists is of the same quality as that offered here in the US.  The answer we can give is a categorical, unqualified YES!!

Mexican Dentists vetted by US retired dentists

So why can we say this?  The answer is very simple.  We are now living in a Global Dental Community. What this means is that ALL dentists read the same dental journals and attend the same dental meetings. In addition, Mexican dentists come to the US to attend dental courses, and many American dentists travel to Mexico to take Continuing Education courses given by Mexican dentists.

US dentists rate dentists in Cancun Mexico

Many American dentists are quick to offer criticisms of the dental care offered in Mexico.  The truth is this is just not so. The main reason this happens is that the dentists in the US are unhappy that they are losing the opportunity to provide treatment for some of their patients, and with that the financial compensation that goes along with it.

We at Global Dental Healthcare strongly believe that dental health care should be available and attainable for all.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in whatever way that we can.