CBCT: 3-D Imaging in Dentistry

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If you are considering having dental implants, you need to become familiar with one of the more recent and extremely exciting new technologies in dentistry, namely CBCT imaging (which stands for Cone-Beam Computed Tomography system; formerly known as CT scan). Whether you are having a single implant or multiple ones, a CBCT is pretty much essential for the dentist to accurately diagnose your situation, and to implement the most effective treatment. CBCT’s offer 3 Dimensional representations and are superior to traditional analogue x-rays, which are only in 2 dimensions, in so many areas of dentistry including periodontics and endodontics. For the purposes of this discussion, I will limit my focus to some of the benefits of a CBCT in the diagnosis and treatment of implants.  Here are a few:



Assessing Bone Volume: Bone Width and Height are Essential for Proper Implant Placement:






Locating Nerves: It is Critical that Implants do not Impinge on any Neural Structures:








Diagnosing Need for Sinus Lift Procedure: Adequate Bone Height and Width in the Area of the Upper Sinus is a Must:






Overall Implant Planning and Placement: Putting the Whole Picture Together for a Successful Implant Which Then Can Last Indefinitely: