Esthetic Considerations of All on Four

Esthetic Considerations of All on Four (A04/6)

When considering an All on Four there are several objectives to be met: optimal function, comfort and last but by no means least ideal esthetics. When looking at appearance, the obvious aspects are tooth color, size and shape, support of facial muscles, and once again, last but not least the so-called Transition Line. Simply explained, the transition line is the junction between the border of the denture and one’s pink gum tissue, as shown in this picture:

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As opposed to This, which is something you do not want!!

Which brings us to the issue of Alveolar Bone Reduction, a subject about which most people who choose to have an AOX have little or no understanding.  The following picture demonstrates this process:

The space between the green marker and the white marker is the amount of alveolar bone reduction done.  There are 2 main purposes to doing this, namely to allow for the implants to be anchored in high quality bone, and secondly to allow for the transition line to be located under the lip, in an area that will not be seen. The larger the amount of gum tissue that you show the greater the amount of alveolar bone reduction will be necessary. A CBCT is used by your dentist to determine precisely how much alveolar bone he needs to remove in your case.  This bone reduction should not be confused with bone grafts which may be needed around individual implants to insure that all implants are entirely embedded in healthy bone.

It is so important that you understand every aspect of your treatment if you are considering having an AO4.  We at Global Dental Healthcare can help you with any questions that you might have.