Many people are living on fixed incomes. Of the US population people over 65 who have lost their teeth, 60% have an annual income of $35,000. Dental costs continue to rise in the US to the point that over 1/3 of Americans will not go to the dentist because the cost is unaffordable. As lifetime healthcare professionals, we saw a solution to this growing problem. In our research we’ve concluded that people can save in excess of 50% of the cost of their dental care by traveling outside the US.

These are the US. Examples of some fees:

    Crown                    US: $1200-1500                      Abroad:  $4-450

  Implant                   US  $2000-2500                     Abroad    $8-900

    AO4                        US;  $25000                           Abroad    $9000

    Root Canal             US  $1200                              Abroad      $250 

This Can Be YOU

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