Global Dental Healthcare Scheduling Calendar

  1. Please note that you can request a free consultion with Dr Steve and/or Dr Len between 10am – 4pm Monday through Saturday (on the hour)
  2. Prior to scheduling this consultation please complete our Contact Form and signup for our newsletter
  3. Please note that you can mouse over a "booked" day that already has scheduled apointments and you’ll see the time slots for the sheduled appointments that are already taken. However,you can then select a time before or after at the bottom of the calendar.
  4. We will confirm your requested consulation time with a reply, or if there is a conflict, we’ll cancel your pending appointment and you’ll receive an email stating that your reqeusted appointment had to be cancelled and please select another day/time.
  5. Last, we’ll send you a google meet link via the email you provide that you’ll click on at the time of your appointment.  We prefer a video meet but you can simply turn off your video camera if you wish and we’ll conduct the consultation via voice only.  Google meet also has the ability to share documents so if you are interested in sharing material with us, we suggest you familiarize yourself with these features.
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