GDH – Who We Are and How GDH Came to Be:

Dr. Geller and Weldon are retired/semi-retired oral surgeons who have been clinical practitioners for over 35 years. Their vision is to serve people as dental consultants utilizing their many years of experience.

They recognize that many individuals can be confused about their dental problems and how to go about receiving the treatment that they need at a cost they could afford.

Their research led them to discover dental care abroad (also known as Dental Tourism) specifically in Mexico, where they found that people could receive the same high-quality care as they would in the U.S at 50 to 60% less than they would pay in the U.S. They were extremely excited at this possibility, and they realized that their next steps were to identify safe high-quality clinics in Mexico.

We came to realize that if we were going to recommend any dental clinics in Mexico we needed to visit and perform a thorough vetting process of various facilities. They felt that their training and clinical experience in oral surgery uniquely qualified them to do this better than most if not all of the groups currently engaged in this type of business.

They felt that a border town in Mexico safely serving thousands of patients over 25 years would be an ideal location for their referrals. due to its proximity to the U.S. Also, it was necessary to have several high quality, state of the art dental practices that could offer the same level of dental care as offered to patients in the U.S Global Dental Healthcare was born, as a fusion of one of our country’s (and the world’s) greatest needs with one of our greatest passions.