When you choose to work with Global Dental Healthcare the following will be immediately available free of charge.

Mexico US dentist
 You can:
    • have a relaxed 15-minute chat with Dr Steve.
    • we will provide you with a brief overview of the services that we provide and how we can assist you.
Our primary goal is to keep our relationship with our clients Simple and Honest. We have chosen a model of doing business that most instills TRUST. You may choose from the following 2 tiers of service. We can assure you that whatever level you choose you will receive immeasurable value far and above your investment.

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Level 1: Direct referral to one of our personally vetted clinics -
This is our most basic service. We’ve “kicked the tires” so that you don’t have to worry.

  • We have identified SAFE and HIGH-QUALITY dentists.
  • We will share with you the clinics we have personally vetted.
  • You will take responsibility for all the other arrangements that are included in our more comprehensive package.
  • If you would like our Level 2 services forward to us any x-rays and clinical records
  • CBCT is helpful with implants
  • Include any treatment plans that you have
  • You will receive a personal information package
  • Working with us is a Partnership you can count on

Fee: $0.

Get Started Now - Level 1

Level 2: Treatment Plan: All of Level 1 plus - we will review all of your records, give you a complete assessment of your dental status, and discuss your options until you have a fuller understanding.

  • We will review your current x-rays (either FMS or Panorex) and a CBCT if this is available and discuss treatment alternatives.
  • We will send your x-rays and a treatment plan if you have one to the dentist in Mexico and get a tentative treatment plan and a fee quote.
  • We will then review the dentist’s plan and give you input if needed.
  • We will discuss what questions to ask your dentist and all the information you will need when you are abroad.
  • We will be available to you as you progress in your treatment.
  • We will make ourselves accessible via phone or email with timely responses to any questions that arise.
  • We will ensure that you receive a report of your entire treatment including all materials used.
  • We will help you as much as we can to re-connect with your local dentist

Fee: $95.00

Get Started Now - Level 2


highly qualified Mexico dental clinic


Ongoing Maintenance Care and General Health Education for all Global Dental Healthcare clients via subscription based content and our monthly Newsletter:  We will be offering videos, blogs, and materials related to dental and overall health and well being to all of our subscribers. Our site will also be promoting various health supplements with appropriate member discounts.


As stated previously in various GDH pages, you will obtain the highest quality dental care at a fraction of the cost that you've been quoted in the U.S. On average this translates to a 50% - 65% (or more) savings. Global Dental Healthcare receives compensation directly from the clinics that we have personally visited, vetted and then recommend to You, our clients.