Goals and Vision of GDH

Our Goal/Vision is for every individual considering extensive dental treatment

to be able to make an informed decision about his/her dental and overall health,

appearance and well-being so he/she can live a happier, more positive and fulfilling

life. We are helping to shift the health and medical care paradigm by setting

an example of what it means to be a conscious company.  We do this by

offering thorough, honest and transparent consultation and exceeding

the expectations of our clients by honoring and meeting the needs of

everyone we work with.

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We believe that everyone has the right to be educated about their oral health:

they have the right to be involved with all decisions about their dental care,

and many people want/need support in making decisions about their dental care,

in the form of being given information in an environment of open communication.

We understand that there are several other businesses and individuals offering a

service similar to ours. We believe that our experience as practicing oral surgeons

along with our personally visiting the practices that we are working with distinguishes

us from all others.  We believe that we can transfer the TRUST that our patients have

for us to the clinics that we are working with, the result being a satisfying and

rewarding experience for everyone.