One of Our Very Satisfied Implant Patients

One of Our Very Satisfied Implant Patients - Affordable, High-Quality Care

We may not be totally over the Pandemic, but most of us have come to realize it is time that we move on with our regular lives. For a large number of people this means dealing with significant and long standing dental issues. Many of you have delayed seeking dental care for years. In most instances there have been two main reasons: affordability and reliability. Global Dentalhealthcare is here to offer a solution:

As we continue to send our clients/patients to our select personally vetted high-quality dental offices in Mexico, we are excited to share the early results of one of them:

Pre Treatment:

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Post Implant Placement: (in one day)

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Here is what our patient (MP) has to say:

“My first visit to Cancun was in Sept 2022. I came for sinus lift surgery so that I could have implants placed 3 months later.  Following this procedure I had discomfort for a day with minimal pain.  I had to eat carefully and I adapted and ate almost any food. The experience was Top Notch. The office has all the advanced technological equipment; the doctors were all highly skillful and I felt that I could TRUST all of them.  Plus the concierge man, Ricardo was always attentive to my needs and responded quickly to my questions.  I always felt supported even when I returned back home in New York.

Now I just finished my second visit getting 6 implants.  I had swelling and pain for the first 6 hours after the procedure. I used the meds I was given and applied ice and after 1 day I had zero pain.

Dr. Steven Geller of Global Dentalhealthcare first told me about high quality, affordable dental clinics in Cancun.  My TRUST was immediate after I heard the personal in-depth process by which GDH vets various dental offices in Cancun and Los Algodones. Dr. Geller answered all my questions in a way that only an expert could. I quickly felt confident in him as I am also a doctor. I found Dr. Geller to be quite knowledgeable and honest in all of our interactions. . Dr. Geller was there for me and answered all my questions about product quality and procedures.  All products used are low or no toxicity and the best and most recent in the market place. I feel blessed to have this TEAM behind me. I have saved over $40,000 while at the same time I am getting to enjoy 3 vacations.  Cancun is a very laid back city and an ideal environment in which to heal.

All in all my experience every step of the way has been FANTASTIC.  Being a doctor I must applaud all those who were a part of this experience. I highly recommend this office. This team of doctors is thorough, skillful and compassionate. I had put off having my much needed dental care for years. I am grateful to Global Dental Healthcare and Dr.Geller for enabling me to finally receive the dental treatment I needed.”