As you know by now, what makes Global Dental Healthcare so unique is that we are retired dental surgeons with 70 years of combined experience and as you can see by these pictures we love what we do.

We spent 9 days in January, 2020 personally vetting seven Mexican dental clinics along the US border - What a wonderful, illuminating experience that was!

  • The Tranquil US / Mexico border crossing just 3 blocks from our vetted clinics.
  • Central Courtyard - home of Restaurants and Cantinas
  • One of our new Outstanding Dental Clinics
  • Highly trained personnel & immaculate, modern clinics
  • Dr Steve & Dr Len with a new Friend
    Dr. Steve, new patient & Dr. Len
  • This clinic is also a state of the art classroom teaching new dental procedures.
  • Good Dental Work makes Dr Steve Happy!
  • Downtown plaza and shops
  • the Central Courtyard in the evening

Keep my teeth or have them all removed?

Crowns, bridges, implants?

Gold, acrylic, porcelain, e max, zirconium?

How can I afford it?

Should I wait or should I start now?

Will it be worth all the money it will cost?

Dare I go abroad for my treatment?

Who can I trust?


Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, join the crowd of millions of Americans who are currently finding themselves in this same situation. Yes, technology is a wonderful thing, and in dentistry it has resulted in the addition of multiple treatment possibilities and options. But, one of the "side effects" of all these recent advances is that now dental treatment is often so complex that it is extremely easy to feel confused, overwhelmed and almost paralyzed in trying to make a decision.

Add to this the fact that dental care is becoming more and more expensive, to the point that many people cannot afford to have their serious dental issues addressed. It is estimated that 1/3 of Americans  do not seek dental treatment because they cannot afford it. Global Dental Healthcare was formed precisely for people like you. We feel confident that we can help you.

 A Tale of Two Cities: 01/28/2020

The lovely city you will visit for your dental treatment is safe and friendly and even the novice traveler will feel comfortable and at ease soon after settling in.  You will receive extraordinary care throughout your entire dental procedure and have unforgettable travel experiences as well.

Although the city is small, it is quite busy with a variety of restaurants, shops and street vendors offering goods in a wide range of both quality and price.  An exclusive and expensive restaurant might be across the street from a simple family-run, home-cooking lunch counter.  In general, the food is tasty and safe.  Some well-lit, colorful souvenir shops may have the same or similar items as those in the street vendor’s carts.  The ubiquitous street vendors often do all they can to convince you that their wares are the best!  “No gracias”!  will be one of your first learned and often used expressions.

Mexico is a beautiful country with a diverse culture.  People are friendly and they will smile if you speak a bit of Spanish.  A few basic phrases, a smile and a sense of adventure can go a long way.

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Relaxing at a colorful, delicious restaurant after a long day of vetting several dental clinics.