Why Dental Tourism in Mexico?

Dental tourism Cancun MexicoWhen we began our business, Global Dental Healthcare our primary vision was, and still is to provide expert advice and guidance to people regarding their dental concerns.  We soon discovered that we were entering the business realm known by many people as Dental Tourism.  It was not our intention to send our clients out of the US to find the high-quality dental care that they were looking for. However, early on in our development it became very clear that an essential aspect of the problem of our clients was that they could not afford the high fees that their local dentist wanted to charge them. So we realized that as part of our dental consulting business we needed to include helping people find affordable high-quality dental care; in most instances this meant finding dentists who are practicing abroad.

We did not, and we still do not consider our business to be a “tourism” company.  We have been practicing oral surgeons for over 35 years and the service we are offering is primarily related to consulting regarding Dental Care.

Having said all of this, as we became more involved in our business we discovered that one auxiliary aspect of this, and a very salient one at that was the location that we were sending our clients to. So unexpectedly we found our business became involved in what has become commonly known as dental tourism. We would like to emphasize that as an essential aspect of this process we decided that we would personally visit and vet all the dental clinics that we would choose to work with; this would be based on the very same standards of high-quality care that we followed during the many years during which we practiced.

And as it turned out, this was something we found that we could combine with the dental consulting that we were offering and it added a significant benefit to the service we were providing.  In addition to receiving dental care equal to if not superior to that which they would find in the US at fees at least 50% less than they would pay in the US, our clients could go to an historic beach resort and recover in a tranquil environment that would provide a peaceful and serene area in which to heal.

We at GDH are excited to offer our recommendations to a few select dental clinics in the wonderful resort city of Cancun. We are happy to talk to you further about any questions you might have. We are here to help you regain a comfortable, functional and healthy mouth.