Your Dental Health and Comfort

Your Comfort and Satisfaction are Our Goals

We want you, our clients to feel comfortable, confident and at ease with the dentist we refer you to.  We want you to feel the same confidence in the dentist we refer you to as our patients felt when WE were treating them.  To attain these goals, we have personally visited and vetted all the clinics we are recommending, and we have done the following:dental comfort health in mexico

  • We have directly observed how all office personnel interact with their patients so you can expect to be treated with understanding, kindness, patience and compassion.
  • We have confirmed that these dental clinics have modern, up to date equipment and all materials are of the same standards as those used in the US.
  • We have confirmed that these dental offices employ standard infection control measures in accordance with those guidelines set forth by the CDC including personal hygiene, water sterility and environmental control.

The dental clinics that we are recommending are of the highest caliber such that we would have no hesitation ourselves in going to them for our dental care.